10 Alkaline Foods You Should Eat to Improve Your Health And Fight Diseases



Acid forming foods include white flour, meat, eggs, dairy, coffee, alcohol, fish, legumes, sodas, sugar, fried food, canned goods and dried fruit. Sweeteners, medication, and environmental toxins also cause acidity, as well as stress, anger and toxic emotions.

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Modern standard diets and lifestyles are generally highly acidic, and it would take practice and careful attention to shift your mind and body to an alkaline state.

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But there’s good news! There is an abundance of incredibly delicious, healthy and nutritious alkaline foods that you can easily add to your lifestyle today to eliminate acidity from your body. You will feel more energized, less stressed and will have a body that is functioning at its optimum for long term sustainability.


Acid-forming foods include most grains, beans, meats, dairy products, fish, fast foods and processed foods. A balanced diet when it comes to pH is considered to be 20-40% acid-forming foods, and 60-80% alkaline-forming foods.

Check out the list in the next page! You’ll want to start incorporating these foods into your diet to keep essential minerals flowing and your immune system in tip-top shape.

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