10 Extremely Weird Cars You’ll Never Believe Exist



Fan of Mad Max or the Fast and Furious? Fan of car tuning? If you love to put the pedal to the metal, you’ve probably put a customization on your vehicle already. However by tuning your car you are not only able to achieve a better overall performance, but a better look as well. Some daredevils do just that and due to their weird personas, they manage to create some of the most bizarre visual car customizations. The following 10 weird adrenaline boosting custom car designs may be just a bit odd, but they are filled with extreme emotion that only a hardcore motor vehicle can give you.

The Transperent Beetle


Fan of metal designand transperency? This crazy little beetle will make you feel every bit of air and let you see the pumping engine as you drive around the town.

The Carton Car


This owner decided to turn his car into a true customized powerhouse. Unfortunately, still feeling the effects of the financial crisis, he only had money for cardboard.

The UFO-Beetle


If you are a true UFO enthusiast, you should turn your car into a UFO. The maneuvering will be a bit tougher, but you’ll turn everyone’s head.

The Old-Fashioned Ferrari Cabrio Limo


How can you turn your already awesome cabriolet Ferrari into something that is even more outstanding? Make a limo out of it!

Tires of the Century


Everyone tries to customize their cars with the coolest tires ever. Sorry guys, someone has already achieved the best possible tire look!

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