10 People Obsessed With The Perfect Body



We’d all like to have a better body, wouldn’t we? Lose a few pounds, tone up, get fitter, be more attractive. And it’s possible by hitting the gym and taking on a beauty regime and tweaking your lifestyle a little. But some people go to extremes with it, don’t they?Steroids, oil fillers, plastic surgery… We’re talking about people seriously obsessed with the perfect body.

Top 10 most extreme cases of plastic surgery and body modification

These people will stop at nothing to attain what they believe to be the perfect shape. It’s probably not what you or I would think looks good, but that doesn’t matter to these people. They’ve gone all in and spent big. And often? It’s backfired. Big time.

Paying to go male to female, lengthening legs, trying to look like Jessica Rabbit, this collection of freaky people has it all.