10 Weirdest Stories Of People Getting Stuck.!!



1.The pregnant woman who died after her head got stuck in a railing


China’s Shaanxi Province is still reeling after a pregnant woman died when her head got stuck in a railing. Videos showed the woman in a kneeling position on the road, with her head trapped in a guard rail. Passersby tried to rescue her by pulling apart the rails but failed. Police and ambulance crews rushed to the scene and freed her body from the railing.

Sadly, she and her unborn children (she was pregnant with twins) were declared dead. Officials said they don’t yet know why the woman fainted (which led to her getting stuck and suffocating), but she could have suffered from a heat stroke or hypertension.

2.The motorcyclist who got stuck between a wall and a post


On March 2016, Argentine Ramón González, 50, suffered a freak accident while driving his motorcycle. His rescue resulted in hospitalization due to the fractures he suffered. According toReportereo, González suffered fractures in both legs and was transferred to the Nuevo Hospital San Antonio de Padua.

Apparently, González was riding his Motomel 125 through a roundabout when—thanks to an unfortunate maneuver while driving at a high rate of speed—he jumped the sidewalk and ended up stuck between a post and a wall. Firefighters worked for half an hour to release him after cutting him from the motorcycle.

3.The robber whose foot got stuck on a wall while trying to get into a house


A robber intent on breaking into a home was stalled when his foot got caught on a wall. He had to wait for the police to be rescued.

The 36-year-old man tried to break into a home in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, but his foot got stuck on a 6-inch long iron nail while he was crossing over a dividing wall.

The daughter of the neighbor next door told her father she saw a shoe on the wall. When the duo approached to check out the unusual sight, they were surprised to find a man—later identified as Sebastián Hugo Vega—hanging from his left foot.

4.The woman who got stuck in her ex-lover’s chimney


In 2015, a Los Angeles woman had to be rescued after sliding naked down her former lover’s chimney. The unnamed 35-year-old was trapped for two hours before she was rescued by fire crews.

She was discovered by her ex-boyfriend Tony Hernandez (also the father of her three children) when he got up for work, heard her cries for help and saw her soot-covered legs dangling. He tried to free her from the 12in by 12in space using an extension cord but was eventually forced to call emergency services. They smashed through the chimney and fireplace in a two-hour operation.

5.The little girl who got stuck inside a claw machine


Meet Melissa Angel Wilkerson, a six-year-old who caused firefighters to crash her birthday party after she became stuck in a claw machine.

Melissa was celebrating at Abby’s Legendary Pizza in Roseburg, Oregon when she spotted a toy that she wanted in the machine. While her parents were busy organizing the party, Melissa chose her moment to climb inside and grab the toy. It was only when another child raised the alarm that her dad, Ben, rushed over to see his daughter inside the machine.

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