15 Scariest Photobombs That Will Keep You Up Tonight..!!



Back in the day, picture taking was something you did during special events, because it was a whole ordeal just to take pictures. You needed to have a camera, film for the camera and afterwards, you had to develop the film.  Don’t even get us started on how they used to take pictures before that, when the camera took an hour to capture the shot and you had to get some magic voodoo water to develop it.  In short, taking pictures was a big pain in the ass.

Photobombs in particular have gained popularity as a funny way to ruin other people’s pictures by putting your unwelcome face in their photo.


In the beginning, it was just people photobombing other people and then eventually, goats, cats, squirrels and other animals somehow joined in on the fun.  So it’s really no surprise that ghosts want to get in on the photobombing action too.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in ghosts or not, these 15 creepy photobombs will still keep you up at night.