20m Super Long Robot Arm – Giacometti Arm with Balloon Body



Suzumori Endo Lab in Tokyo Institute of Technology has developed a 20m-long robot arm named “Giacometti Arm with Balloon Body”.The Giacometti Arm with Balloon Body has 20 joints driven by pneumatic, thin artificial muscles.

Arm structures consist of helium-filled balloons and compensate for their self-weight.The robot is very light (1.0 kg) and essentially safe even if it falls down or hits something. It is expected to be used for search and inspection.

Giacometti Robotics is a concept of new robotics, which was proposed by Prof. Koichi Suzumori from Tokyo Tech. in 2015 The robotic concept is named after a Swiss sculpture, Alberto Giacometti.


It aims for practical robot designs by removing excess fat. Giacometti robots feature light, slim and simple body structure resulting in essential safety and functional robot.