5 Most Mysterious People From Around The World



Our world is filled with mysteries we can’t explain. Sometimes it’s a particular place that’s mysterious, or an event that occurs and other times it can be an individual that does something we may never fully understand.


From a woman with a deep dark secret to a stranger from an unknown country down to a young woman found dead in one of the most haunted hotels in the US, these are 5 of the most mysterious people you’ll ever meet.

People come and go in life everyday but sometimes they arrive and leave in the most mysterious ways.


They came without name, make their own place in the world’s history and gone away.Their identity never been found which turned them the most mysterious people on earth.

5. Lori Erica Ruff

Tall, brunette, beautiful; Lori Erica Ruff was your typical Texan with a warm smile. She was known as Lori Erica Kennedy before marrying Blake Ruff in 2004. But their marriage wouldn’t last.
By 2010, Blake moved back home and filed for divorce because of Lori’s erratic behavior. Soon after, Lori’s body was found inside Blake’s car. She had shot herself with a shotgun, leaving two suicide letters – one for Blake and one for her daughter.
It wasn’t until after her death that her family realized, they didn’t know Lori at all.

4. Babushka Lady

Everyone knows about the JFK assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald and the grassy knowles. But have you heard of the Babushka Lady?
The Babushka Lady is the nickname given to a mysterious, unidentified woman caught in images and pictures during the JFK assassination. The woman is wearing a head scarf, often worn by elderly Russian women, known as a “Babushka”, a brown coat and is holding a camera.

3. The Isdal Woman

In 1970 When a professor and his two daughters were hiking, they discovered the burnt-up remains of a naked woman in the Isdalen Valley of Norway. On the unburnt portion of her neck, it was visible she had been beaten. Various sleeping pills, a bottle of booze and empty kerosene containers were found around her body.
Police traced her to be the owner of two unclaimed suitcases in a nearby train station. Inside were neatly folded clothes with the tags removed and a legal pad with encrypted messages. The linings of the bags were filled with West German money and the autopsy of her body showed her fingerprints have been sanded off.

2. The Man From Taured

It was July 1954, customs officials at Haneda Airport in Tokyo were busy ushering and welcoming arrivals. A European airline had just landed and the passengers were lining up to have their passports stamped. Among them was a middle aged Caucasian businessman. As he stepped up, the customs official was confused over the passport he presented. The passport said he was from a country
called Taured, but the problem was that this country doesn’t exist.

1. Elisa Lam

The story of Elisa Lam is both tragic and mysterious. Chinese Canadian, Elisa Lam was a 21- year old who disappeared after a solo trip to the US on January 13, 2013. Her trip started in San Diego, where she visited the zoo, then she flew to L.A. on January 26th, staying at the infamous Cecil Hotel.
Five days after sightseeing, Elisa was supposed to head off to Santa Cruz. When her parents missed her daily calls, they reported her missing to the L.A. police and the search began.
No trace of Elisa would be found. By February 16, LAPD released a very unsettling surveillance video capturing Eliza in one of the hotel’s elevators.

So there were 5 instances of truly mysteries people.

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