5 Of The Smallest Cars Of All Time!



So as cities become more populated and congested the demand for small efficient vehicles are increasing.We look at cars like the smart car and see it as tiny, but compared to these next 5 cars, it is pretty big.So in this list ill be showing you 5 of the smallest cars of all time.

Images credit : screenshots from youtube channel All5!

5) Fuldamobil

Looking at its design you can straight away tell this car was built a long time ago.Built in 1950 to 1969 by German company Elektromaschinenbau Fulda, which literally translates to Electric Machine Build.


This car is extremely rare, with only 123 ever built.Despite the company having the word Electric in their name, the car wasn’t electric.The 0-60 time doesn’t exist as it had a top speed of only 50mph.

4) Autobianchi Bianchina

This thing in my opinion looks incredibly beautiful.As you probably have guessed it is an Italian made car, and was based upon the original fiat 500.However they styled it to look like a coupe rather than the typical hatchback design most micro cars go for.


About 275,000 of them were made between 1959 to 1970.A good example goes for around $30,000.Its small engine produced about 22 horse power, giving it a top speed of 68 mph and a 0-60 time of about 61 seconds.

3) Iso Isetta

You’ll probably recognize this car as the BMW bubble car.And while BMW did slap their badge on it, it was actually built by an Italian company called ISO.It was a huge hit in the 50’s, becoming the top selling single cylinder car in the world.


They shifted over 161,000 units world wide. Meaning you can buy one these today quite easily.But since it is a classic car now, expect to pay at least $20,000 for a decent one.It had an incredible fuel consumption, in fact it was the first ever car to hit 94mpg for us Europeans or 78mpg for Americans.


2) Commuter Cars Tango

You’ll probably think it has a tiny 20 horse power engine and a top speed of maybe 60mph, But what if I told you this thing will do 0-60 in about 3.2 seconds.It gets all this power from 2 electric motors which produces a ridiculous 3,000 pound feet of torque.


Something tells me this car wouldn’t handle corners very well.It has a range of about 240 miles which is plenty for most people,its electric so well its cheap to run, its incredibly fast so you can actually get to where you want to go without holding everyone else up, and its so tiny you can literally park it anywhere.

1) Peel P50

Out of all the cars mentioned today, nothing comes close to the size of the Peel P50.This thing isn’t just small enough to park anywhere, its small enough to literally pick up and drag inside.


As demonstrated perfectly by Jeremy Clarkson on an episode of Top Gear.At just 54 inches long and 41 inches wide, It holds the Guinness World Record as the smallest production car ever made.Only about 47 were ever sold, and a few years ago one was up for auction and managed to sell for $176,000.

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We look at cars like the smart car and see it as tiny, but compared to these next 5 cars, it is pretty big.