70 Year Old Builds Innovative Off-Grid Tiny House For Debt Free Retirement



Imagine living costs so low that you can actually watch your bank account grow just from your government pension. That’s just one of the benefits that Peter Matheson discovered when he built and moved into his off-the-grid, super tiny house on wheels in Grand Forks, British Columbia.

image/text credit: Living Big In A Tiny House

Peter is no stranger to innovative building, and has experimented with many different techniques including earth building and other eco and alternative projects.

When tasked with designing and building an affordable home to help housing issues in Canada he quickly realised that he wouldn’t get the design right unless he emerged himself in tiny living.As a result, Peter now finds himself living big in his retirement, albeit in a very small home.


This home may be tiny but the current parking spot affords Peter a million dollar location. Situated right on a river-front property with abundant wild-life, he truly has the ideal spot and is able to watch deer grazing and beavers in the stream right from his tiny house while having his morning coffee.