A 14 Year Old Girl Asks For A Lotion Rub In The Beach , What Would You Do ??



You’re a guy walking on the beach at Spring Break time. A pretty girl approaches you. “Would you mind rubbing some lotion on my back please?” She asks you. Hey, it’d be rude to say ‘no’, right? So you agree. She’s real nice and chatty and you’re getting on well. But who’s this coming over? He doesn’t look happy. Oh God – it’s her DAD! And he’s got some news for you… The girl’s 14! Uh oh.

Teen Lotion Rub Prank

She’s not, it’s a prank for Break, but the guys on the beach don’t know that. This prank has them going through the wringer. When ‘Dad’ points out that messing about with 14 year-old girls is a federal offence, just watch their faces!