A Beekeeper “Accidentally” Drops Killer Bees In This Elevator Prank



Some pranks are so mean they end up being the funniest.This one is called the “Killer Bee Prank” and frankly, I couldn’t stop laughing while I was watching the whole thing.

Bees aren’t really aggressive insects, unless they’re the Afticanized honey bee variety, in which case you’d want to stay far away as possible from them. Still, they can be quite scary, especially if they attack in swarms, which is a perfect setup for an epic prank.

“Killer Bee Prank”

The people from YouTube channel Canal BOOM had a “beekeeper” conveying boxes of ‘live honey bees’ get in a lift with arbitrary strangers.Once inside, they put on a show to answer a telephone call, when all of a sudden, they battle with adjusting the cases of ‘live honey bees,’ and in the end dropping them, discharging the imagine creepy crawlies.