A Creative Way To Turn Your Old Strainer Into Something Awesome



All you have to make this exceptional light is a basic drill, unique link with a top and a top reasonable to hang the roof light, a light ( vitality sparing), a plastic bunch to conceal the wires, a screwdriver, a mallet, screw snare to hang the entire light on it and a sharp blade to slice wires keeping in mind the end goal to append them accurately to the development of the light.


Presently penetrate an opening amidst the base of your colander. The most ideal path is to develop the opening that is likely as of now there.


Close the container with the plastic cover so it fits firmly.


Put it through the gap in your colander and supplement the knob.


Take the entire light precisely and hang it on the snare that has been beforehand screwed to the roof.

Connect the wires from the light with those on the roof. Perhaps you’ll require a circuit tester!


At long last you can mess around with your new light, take a photograph and send it to us.


credit (ennty)