A Floating Solar-Powered Fortress Made with Recycled Bottles!



An environmentalist and a passionate architect, Richart Sowa lives peacefully in his very own self-made island made of recycled bottles counting approximately up to 150,000. In 2005, Sowa first built his floating island on the coast of Isla Mujeres Bay in Cancun. Due to extremely harsh weather, the island, unfortunately, could not stand and was soon destroyed. After trying further, Sowa got it right on his third try. He succeeded in developing a steady and sturdy home for himself and since 2008, he has been living in his very own personal island.


For over two decades, living in his own personal island has been Sowa’s dream.  He is so attached to his masterpiece that he even named it ‘Joyxee’.

In order to make his home float, Sowa connected tons of water bottles, all connected together to a bamboo mainframe. The water bottles beneath the 25 meter long island give it an uplift and buoyancy to support his home over water along with his pool and much adored plants. Sowa built the mainframe with wood pellets and sand so that the structure can withstand hurricanes.


Sowa’s house on Joyxee is a three story one with functional solar panels, two spacious bedrooms, three showers, a kitchen, a washing machine and even the internet. Sowa has planted his own plants on his island as he is a vegetarian.

Sowa found a way to collect and waste less water and using it after it rained.

The water is collected down in shells and instead of using a motor for his shower, there is a filtered pool. That pool though, is different from the other that he uses as a hot tub.

Sowa made a ferry completely out of bottles that can carry at least eight people at a time to and fro from the island. He occasionally uses the ferry to go to the city to shop for himself or to buy supplies for his bike.

All in all it is a perfect and peaceful living.