A German Sailor Disappeared In 2009,After 7 Years He Was Found On His Yacht In Mummified State



On 2nd March’16, the mummified body of a 59-year-old German sailor named Manfred Fritz Bajorat, who disappeared along with his yacht in 2009, was found by some fishermen while his yacht was drifting off the coast of Surigao del Sura in southern Philippines. His boat that has now been commonly named as “Ghost yacht” was last seen in 2009 which was also the year in which Bajorat was last heard from by one of his friend on social media.


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The body that was discovered had been preserved like a Mummy

Strangely and quite unexpectedly, his body was found like a well-preserved mummy that resembled the ancient Egyptian tradition of preserving bodies after death. The extraordinary and impeccable condition in which his body was preserved has baffled researchers since the rest of the yacht was in a dilapidated condition. Bajorat’s mummified corpse was found slumped on his table next to the radio telephone.


It is believed that ocean winds, hot temperatures and the salty sea air were present in perfect measurements that preserved his body like a mummy. Also, since his body was present inside the cabin, it was protected from scavenging birds.

Possible explanation of his death

The body was sent to autopsy in Butuan City but the position in which it was found and due to the absence of any other person on the yacht or any weapon, it was already widely speculated that he may have suffered a cardiac arrest in the position he was found and was trying to make an emergency call when the lights dimmed out on him.

It has been known that his daughter-Nina-who herself is a sea captain would be flying to Philippines in order to recognize her father and collect his body.

Nina Bajorat- daughter of Manfred Bajorat


What was found inside the yacht’s cabin?

Inside the cabin, a tribute letter was found that was written by Bajorat to his ex-wife, Claudia, and it read-

“Thirty years we’ve been together on the same path. Then the power of the demons was stronger than the will to live. You’re gone. May your soul find its peace. Your Manfred”

Besides the letter, even though the cabin was pretty much under water, photo albums were discovered apparently showing his wife, family and friends, and clothes and tins of food were strewn all around.

A photograph of Claudia-his wife


Other image(s) that was found in his photo album


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