A Million Star Hotel Hang 400 Feet Above Peru’s Sacred Valley



Would you stay overnight in one of these?Skylodge provides the opportunity, if you are game. These transparent pods are 400 feet above the ground on the side of cliff! They are in the Peruvian Andes, operated by a tour company called Natura Vista.


The pods overlook Sacred Valley, which as you will see is pretty amazing. Whether it is $300 worth of amazing is dependent on how hardcore a thrill-seeker you are.

Take a look at this incredible video for an even greater look at the Skylodge experience.

Skylodge Adventure..

The other cost is getting there. You actually have to climb a 400-foot ladder on the cliff, or you can actually zip-wire there! Nevertheless, this would be a truly unique one of a kind overnight experience, where the main adventure is actually trying to fall asleep in a capsule amidst a spectacularly spooky side of cliff view!

SOURCEAlexander Estrada