A Mysterious Creature Was Discovered In Mexico, And What It Is Will Shock You.



The ocean is a vast and mysterious place, so it’s perfectly understandable for people to shout “sea monster!” the moment anything weird washes up on shore. But sometimes what appears to be a sea monster can turn out to be even weirder.

On the beaches of Mexico it’s common to see all sorts of aquatic life. But what scientists found back in December was like nothing any of them had ever seen before.

When this strange creature washed ashore on Mexico’s Laguna Ojo de Liebre at the end of December, people were baffled.


Roughly seven feet long, the “creature” was actually…a pair of extremely rare conjoined gray whale twins.


A Mysterious Creature Was Discovered In Mexico

They were 7-feet long, whereas most newborns are about 12 feet. 


This leads scientists to speculate that the pair was the product of a miscarriage.


I thought for sure it was some kind of sea monster at first! Let’s hope momma is OK and that she’ll go on to have plenty of healthy babies.

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