A Photographer Discovers Old Cars In An Underground Tunnel Of Liverpool



Working in the Liverpool underground for many years, Nigel Willsbrowne made an amazing discovery: dozens of vintage cars stored in a collapsed tunnel! Built in 1896 for the Liverpool railway, then abandoned in 1956 and finally turned into a garage in 1975, the 800-meter-long tunnel has gradually fallen into oblivion before collapsing in 2012. Guided by Nigel Willsbrowne, the photographer Charlie Magee had the opportunity to visit this tunnel, and captured the amazing buried treasures: Mini GT, AMC Pacer, Lotus 503 Elite, Fiat 130 Coupé, Humber Hawk, Hillman Avenger, Rover P5 and so on. An awesome series of urbex photographs that will make cry every classic car enthusiast!

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Nigel Will Browne, 68 years old, bright, wild hair under protective helmet, Coveralls, work shoes, a few steps proceeds by a black puddle. From the ceiling is dripping. “Drink clean groundwater. Kannste.” His flashlight finds the next wreck. And as it so stands here, 20 meters below Liverpool who sees Lotus Elite with its open pop-up headlights and matt, bronze paint like a work of art.

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As part of a treasure. And Nigel Browne Will is his guardian. They call him “Nigel the mole”, the mole. Because he worked for decades under the earth. In this tunnel, which was once an underground shaft.

A Photographer Discovers Old Cars

erherher-min erwerwew-min gdfgdfg-min jkhjkhj-minBecause he worked for decades under the earth. In this tunnel, which was once an underground shaft. The was built in 1896 for the Liverpool Overhead Railway, a 800 meter long underground section, which withdrew in east-west direction from the Dingle district to close to the River Mersey to the west.

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