A Rubber Band Safety Dashboard Vent Hack Everyone Should Know!



The cell phone holders are the best thing for this purpose. But in case you don’t have one or the one you had, accidentally broke or got damaged, then you can make a new one in a matter of seconds with just a rubber band.

Yes, a simple rubber band can help you make a cell phone holder in a very easy and affordable way. You just need to make use of the rubber band and the dashboard vent of your car. Just take a sturdy rubber band and stick one end of it through your car vent.

Simple Car and Phone Hack

Loop the rubber band around the vent so that the other end comes out of it from a different slot. You can also use a pen or a screw driver to pull out the other end. Once both the ends are out, place the phone in the open space between the dash and the rubber band just as shown in the video.