A Smart LEGO Garden Machine That Is Capable Of Planting Flowers



Even though Legos are probably one of the most creative toys on the planet right now with the infinite amount of possibilities, many people still don’t know that you can build your own moving and functioning Lego robots and machines.

source/image: The Brick Wall

When The Brick Wall’s mom requested to plant some flowers in their backyard, he set about it the only way a LEGO fanatic knows how – by building a Technic machine to do the work for him. Lego Garden Machine – MOC is capable of planting flowers in soil.

The “Lego Garden Machine” is an impressive LEGO-built contraption, created by The Brick Wall, that is capable of planting flowers in soil. A great machine for people who do not want to get their hands dirty.


A total of 12 motors are installed in the machine, which perform the different functions. In addition, two sensors are on board, which control the device. The Brick Wall regularly builds practical vehicles made of Lego bricks.

Technical details:

  • 4 wheel independent drive
  • 4 wheel steering (2+2)
  • 12 Motors
  • 4 Lego Mindstorm motors
  • 8 Lego PF motors
  • 3 BuWizz bricks
  • 360 degree turn
VIA The Brick Wall