‘Ab Cracks’ Are The Latest Trend In Ridiculously Unattainable Body Ideals



Just when you think your healthy eating and workouts are paying off, there is a new look in our physiques we are all missing. It may not sound very appealing but gyms across North Americans have clients asking how they can get their “Ab Crack” to be more prominent.

If you have not heard of this latest trend, no need to panic, you are not alone. It’s not enough to get a six or heck a four pack on your stomach you also need to have a prominent line divide in running down the centre of the stomach. The ab crack has even been dubbed the “new six pack.”

This is the latest body trend; the ab crack!

Notice the crease the body creates running down the stomach.


Models, athletes, and the gym obsessed work very hard for that line.

The proper term for such a line is called the linea alba.


People love showing off their ab cracks on social media like Instagram.

Although many health experts warn men and women not to get caught up in trying to live up to superficial ideals.


Linea alba lies in the middle of the stomach.

This fibrous structure is what separates the left and right rectus abdominis muscles.


You may be surprised to know everyone has a 6 pack.

Unfortunately, having limited physical activity and poor eating choices create a fat layer on our stomachs

Here’s one exercise you have probably never heard of before but will help tons.

The vacuum! This exercise requires you to first breathe out air and then sucking it all in. Hold your breath and stomach in for 10 seconds. Your stomach should feel like its sticking or touching the spine. If it feels like an odd sensation, it’s because this is not an easy exercise. Do it as many times as you can every day.