After Driving For 200 Miles, He Hears Sounds Coming From The Front Of His Car… OMG!



What a horrible experience hitting a stray animal can be.


You are filled with guilt, while devastated that you likely killed an animal by accident. A man in China ended up hitting a dog while driving.


He was shocked and immediately saddened when the dog ran away and thought that it likely could die as a result.


The only thing is, the dog actually survived, and in fact did not run away. It was lodged inside the front of the guys car!


It wasn’t until the guy heard barking coming from his front bumper that he realized something was up. What he ended up finding both shocked and relieved him at the same time.


This guy was so relieved that the dog was still alive that he drove 248 miles where the closest vet was to have him fully checked out.

When the vet looked him over and said the dog was indeed alright, the man ended up adopting the dog, taking him home the same day! Share this great story with all your friends and family!