Airless Bike Tyres That Can Never Go Flat!



While there have been flat-free tires in the past, they have always had issues regarding shock absorption and weak stiffness.


These are for riders who are looking for something light with improved performance. These tires are perfect for road cyclists, commuters, and anyone that hates getting flats.


Nexo tires are manufactured in an eco-friendly process and can potentially save billions of tires from polluting our landfills. They are unique because they attach to your existing rims.


It’s as simple as changing your tires for a flat free solution that will save you time and money. Another benefit of the Nexo is that they’re made from a single material, meaning they can be recycled.


Made from polymeter blends, they claim to have cushion and durability. Their lifespan is said to be 3,100 miles for the model that gets mounted on existing frames.

The other model replaces the entire wheel set and can go for 5,000 miles.Made from polymeter blends which are duarable and have plenty of resilience and cushion.

VIARyan Cook