Amazing Girl Drummer Is Capturing Hearts With Her Performance



There are a lot of attractive women out there boasting with beauty and brain, but one thing that makes a woman more attractive is “talent.” Just like this Taiwanese drummer who packs with undeniable talent and charm.

Taiwanese drummer Luo Xiao Bai also known as S.white is out on the streets capturing attention of passerbys. Only 15 years old, this talented young girl has over 480,000 likes on her facebook fanpage, and almost 68,000 followers on her personal facebook page.

She makes her own cover on the drums and has obtained more than 15 permissions from the governments of each municipal and county in Taiwan, so she could do her street performances.


Her popularity increased after a video of her covering BIGBANG’s Fantastic Baby was featured in a popular entertainment facebook page, Koreaboo.

It seems like she has so much fun while playing drums, that we can’t help it but smile along.It’s not just about how an awesome drummer she is, but how happy she looks doing it!