Ancient Giant Cauldrons In Siberia Protecting The Earth For Thousands of Years..!!



In North-western Siberia, in the basin of the Upper Viliuy River, there is a hard-to-reach region, in this area there are objects which are the most wonderful mystery of Alien Technology at work on Earth today.

According to eye witness accounts which dates back thousands of years they are giant cauldrons at work protecting the Planet.

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These mysterious metal cauldrons are hidden from view deep underground in the permafrost. On the surface, their existence is revealed only by patches of radioactive vegetation.

But why would an Ancient Alien civilization want to protect Humanity’s evolutionary struggle?

In 1853, a Russian/Siberian explorer reached the area, in his diary he writes about having found metal cauldrons sunk into the ground and only the Rim of the objects visible, he also writes about eerie sounds vibrating through the object. The area was not reached again until 1936 but upon reaching the location, the Russian expeditionary force could only make drawings of the objects because their camera gear was adversely affected by radiation that was surrounding the cauldrons.


The team of Russian scientists and researchers who reached the region have made startling claims.
Lead scientist Michale Visok had this to say in an interview with a Russian newspaper on what they had found:

“We went out into the Valley of Death to really see and investigate the metal cauldrons that people say exist there and we actually found five metallic objects buried in marsh like swamps”.

When asked what does the team think they have discovered, Could it be something built by ancient aliens like so many people believe? “There is definitely something weird out there, we have no idea what they are or what they were used for but they are some sort of technology not from the modern era, they are not man-made”.


The existence of the metal structures was confirmed on three separate occasions between 1933 and 1947 by respected scientists including Mikhail Koretsky who had travelled to the region to pan for gold.

Giant Cauldrons in Siberia

He claimed to have seen seven dome-shaped cauldrons, each measuring 20 to 30 feet in diameter, with odd and unnatural vegetation growing around them.