Awkward Scene Reporter Falls In Love With Badass Australian Bro During Interview



That reporter was salivating by the end of the interview. She was so much in awe that she didn’t know what to sayU.S reporter is charmed by a shirtless ‘Aussie hunk’ during a live TV cross.

KTLA reporter Wendy Burch was interviewing beach goers on Salt Creek Beach, California, after a three-metre shark was sighted in the water on Tuesday when she came upon a strapping young jogger, James. The Australian-born spear fisher said he felt shark sightings didn’t mean swimmers or surfers were at risk of an attack and assured her there was ‘nothing to be afraid of’ before returning to his run.

Tv Reporter Wendy 

Ms Burch appeared flustered as she shook his hand and bid him farewell, telling her co-hosts back in the studio: ‘I love that guy. I have nothing else to say.’ After words of encouragement from news anchors, she drops her microphone and set off in pursuit for the Australian.