Bodycam Shows Police Rescue Tiny Puppy Locked In Hot Car..!



A dog-loving cop, saved the life of a little puppy who was left in a very hot car in a mall parking lot in Pensacola, Florida. Officer Anthony Giorgio had been dispatched to the mall for two reports of dogs locked in parked cars. On the first call, owners returned to their car the same time the officer arrived, but the second call, the officer took matters into his own hands.


The puppy was given water, put in front of AC in the patrol car, and then eventually put on ice. It survived. The puppy’s owners were cited by Escambia County Animal Services.

Police Rescue Tiny Puppy

“The dog was returned to them because it was such a young puppy that we just wanted to make sure it got back with its mother where it would be OK,” said John Robinson, division manager with the Escambia County Animal Services. The owners were given a civil penalty for Cruelty to Animal, a fine that carries $150 for first offenders.