Broke Mom Tries To Sell Her Ring To A Syrian Jewelry Store Owner,Watch What He Did..! Faith In Humanity Restored!



A North Texas jeweler refused to buy a treasured gold necklace from a struggling mother – and gave her money from his own pocket instead.

Syrian refugee Noah, who declined to give his surname, was working at the jewelry store when a Texas woman came in and tried to sell her jewelry, CBS reports.

The mom-of-two told him she was broke and was selling the precious piece of jewelry to pay her bills. Noah was so moved by the woman’s story he decided to intervene.(dailymail)

Faith in humanity restored!

The jeweller then asked ‘how much she will need for a month’. Confused, the woman wasn’t able to give an exact amount since she didn’t know the ring’s value either.

The man started counting money and handed it over to the woman. Though the video didn’t clearly show how much he gave the woman, he returned the ring to her too!