Buy Best Quality Eggs From Supermarket With The Help Of THIS Simple Trick.



Can you be sure your eggs are fresh? You should be concerned about this particular aspect, simply because, unhealthy foods can cause a lot of diseases and make you and your near and dear ones very sick. It is rather shocking when you are told that the eggs are fresh, and when you look at the code, you can see that they are packed 20-30 days earlier. Yes, that does happen.


Luckily, there is an ingenious trick that show us whether or not they are fresh and healthy. Usually, there is a date marked on the cartons for eggs which shows when the product is produced and  the date which shows until when this product should be used.


The difference is that you can eat egg based on production date, not the expiration date.


The “ Julian date” which is marked in blue. This code stands for the date when the eggs are placed in the container. The numbers range from 001 ( 1st of January) to 365 ( 31st of December). Now check out your latest egg carton and decide how fresh your eggs are!