Car Service Driver Delivers Stunning Opera Cover And Earns a Standing Ovation!



De Antonis appeared on “America’s Got Talent” the other night. And even though he looked as if he was still dressed in his work attire — a black T shirt, black hoodie, black jeans and sunglasses propped above his head — he came ready to impress.

image credit: America’s Got Talent 

The Miami resident first got the niceties out of the way, telling the four judges, Heidi Klum Simon Cowell, Mel B and Howie Mandel —that he was from Miami and often sang to his passengers, one who suggested he appear on the NBC reality competition.

Get ready to be blown away by America’s Got Talent‘s latest star, Carlos De Antonis, an opera singer who works as a taxi driver!The contestant sang his rendition of the classic song “Nessun Dorma” and got a standing ovation from all four judges, so he obviously moved on to the next round.


“I don’t know an awful lot about classical music, but what I do know is the only people that matter on this show are the audience, and when they love someone, they love someone. What you have is you gave it heart,” Simon Cowell said.The judges were all wowed, telling the emotional contestant he sang with his heart.(justjared)