Cheating Prank Turns Into SUICIDE PRANK



Cheating Prank Turns Into SUICIDE PRANK The pair have been at it for ages and despite calling a truce, another prank was in fact already set in motion.Their plan was to turn the prank onto one of the pair’s girlfriend, with the idea to make her believe she had been cheated on and that the other woman was pregnant.

A camera was set up to film her reaction and after she stormed out of the room, the pair laughed that they had succeeded.But a blood-curdling scream is then heard from the other room and they rush out to find out what happened.

To describe how it turns out now would be to ruin the surprise but a simple cheating prank ended up turning into a SUICIDE prank – and it upped the stakes between the pair yet again.Their most recent monster in the car prank became a viral hit – does this one better it?

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