Check Out This JOHN DEERE 8295RT TRANSFORMER From Another Planet!



I realize that (presumably) every one of you have seen the James Cameron`s film “Symbol” from a couple of years back, where we saw a wide range of insane vehicles and flying articles, totally atypical for our reality and reality, pretty much as the story might have been, correct? Indeed, haven`t you saw that every now and then, we run over a few vehicles (particularly earth-bound) that appear as though they are additionally from a different universe, or another measurement?


I`m beyond any doubt you have. All things considered, this John Deere 8295RT Vineyard Tractor that you are going to find in the video beneath looks precisely like the aforementioned examples. Lamentably, there are no subtitles for this video, so unless you comprehend French, you won’t get a significant part of the guy`s remarks in the video and what he needs to say in regards to this amazing machine.