Chiense Woman Climbs Into X Ray Machine During Security Check To Stay Close To Her Bag



Have you ever worried your belongings might be stolen when you go through security checks? This passenger in China certainly did.A woman insisted that she climb into an X-ray machine with her handbag at a train station because she feared it might be stolen otherwise.

image/text credit: The AIO Entertainment

Security staff were shocked to see the silhouette of a woman as they monitored the X-ray screens.Security staff at the station got a shock when they saw an image of a person appearing on their X-ray machine display on Sunday (Feb 11), Pear Video reported.

This turned out to be a woman who – concerned about losing the money in her handbag – climbed into the X-ray machine with it when asked to put the bag through the security check, the report said.


A video shows the woman emerging from the machine and climbing off the belt.Railway staff have warned members of the public not to climb into X-ray machines as radiation in the machines is harmful to people.