Concrete Batching Vehicle – A New Concept In The Construction Industry



The CBV (Concrete Batching Vehicle) is a brand new concept in the construction industry – a 4WD vehicle that operates as a true batching plant, allowing for the production of certified concrete in any setting, anywhere in the world.

source/image: FIORICONCRETE

The CBV’s advanced technology makes ambitious projects feasible, even under extreme conditions where, up until now, it was never possible to certify the quality of concrete produced.

This CBV enables independent production of top quality concrete, delivered direct to any site, whether in an urban setting or located in some remote or inaccessible area.


The CBV differs from an ordinary self-loading concrete mixer for a number of reasons:

– it allows you to program concrete mix recipes;
– it can weigh and measure out the different components (gravel, sand, cement, water, additives) with extreme precision;
– it allows you to dump excess materials, thanks to the tip-off function, weighing them at the same time;
– it prints out a report of the mix produced and verifies that it corresponds to the recipe programmed.