Coolest RV On The World , A Custom RV Boat Combo



If you are interested in RV’ing and also boating what are you to do? How about build a custom RV boat combo that can offer both! It is called a “boaterhome”

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Many of us use our RV’s for more than just a place to sleep and eat while traveling – we use them as a way to enjoy the outdoors.

Some of us spend time outdoors entertaining, relaxing, and cooking. Others bring ATV’s, boats, and expensive toys along.

As the video below will clearly show, the design is incredible. When the boaterhome is out of the water you really just think you are looking at another custom motorhome. But, back into the water and a few seconds later it is clear you are staring at an independent power boat that looks and performs the part while the Ford E series pulls away!

It was only a matter of time before this passion for the outdoors started to take shape in all kind of crazy forms. For those of you who love the water, boating, or watersports, this is for you. It is possible that you have fought the struggle of whether to own a nice boat and small RV or a nice RV and a small boat at some point (we certainly have and tried both!). We recently were awestruck to find a hybrid RV boat out there that is customized to be both an RV and a traditional boat, called the “Boaterhome.”

Unlike a traditional boat, which wastes precious living space while suspended on a trailer, the boaterhome allows for full access to the living area as the boat seamlessly connects to the trailer/tow vehicle through the use of a hatch. This RV boat example is a 1987 Watercraft Sports King Boaterhome. It takes a cab from a 1986 Ford E-series and the rear consists of a 28 foot boat. There are apparently around 20 others out there like it, though this one certainly has the best looks.

via doityourselfrv