Couple Transfored An Old School Bus Into Tiny Home On Wheels ,That Will Make Your Jaw Drop



A German couple were unhappy and got tired with life in Berlin. So they took the plunge and flew to the United States but not before buying a big, yellow school bus from the internet.


Expedition Happiness is FELIX STARCK – a filmmaker, SELIMA TAIBI – a musician and RUDI – a dog. We are originally from Germany and got tired of the big city life in Berlin. So we decided to buy a 20 year old school bus through the internet.


Few weeks later we took a plane to the US and started converting the school bus into a motorhome, tiny house or loft on wheels – call it what you want.


After 12 weeks of daily failure we are quite done with the conversion and now we are ready to take our beauty all the way down to South America.

We started in Alaska and are heading south – as far as the road takes us. Through Alaska, Canada and the states, down Mexico, Guatemala and Panama we want to travel mostly off the grid with our new tiny house on wheels.

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