Couple Transforms Old Campervan Into Cozy Home on Wheels



Meet Kelsey & Corbin from Steps to Wander. They’re a couple whose quest for freedom and travel led them to buy an old Ford E-350 El Dorado Encore camper van that was mechanically sound but that needed a total makeover on the inside.


The pair spent months repairing leaks, cleaning up mould & mildew and building custom furniture.


And they completely transformed the space into one of the coziest and most functional conversion vans we’ve seen yet.


Their van is the perfect tiny house on wheels because it has all the amenities they need, including a full kitchen with a fridge and an oven, a shower and toilet, a dinette area, and a sofa bed that converts into an almost queen sized bed.


Some extra features that Kelsey and Corbin added to their van include solar panels and a small generator to use on cloudy days.

As well as a scooter mounted on the back that they can use for day trips to save money on gas, or in case they break down.

SOURCEExploring Alternatives