Custom Go Kart Fitted For Abandoned Railroad Tracks!



This is an incredible clasp of folks messing around with their custom made go kart adjusted to deal with relinquished railroad tracks. It is a developing pastime for the individuals who have what it takes to make their own karts. They come in all varieties, including however not restricted to gas fueled karts and hawk pushers. The karts themselves are just constrained by the creative energy of their developers!

Go Karts on Railroad Tracks

Called “rail riding”, they are riding on what used to be the Eagle Mountain Railroad situated in the Chocolate Mountains only east of the Salton Sea in the California desert.The Eagle Mountain Railroad was possessed by Kaiser Steel Corporation and is a 51 mile branch line that served their iron mines. It was finished in 1948 and pulled iron mineral until the last prepare in 1986.The components are gradually taking their toll on the track as should be obvious in this video, yet the line gives an awesome play area to rail kart buffs!