DewPoint Infinite Water 3000 Gallon Atmospheric Water Harvester



Water is in the air nearly everywhere on earth, even in the most parched desert. But that doesn’t help much when you’re thirsty because most of that H20 is in its vaporized form, not its handy liquid state. Another up and coming green technology is the producing of potable water from the air.

Dew Point takes pride in being innovators. Over the past year we have been reengineering all of our residential and commercial Atmospheric Water Generating (AWG) products.

This atmospheric water generation technology can be manufactured in module size to be manufactured at our plant and shipped to your location. Atmospheric water generator modules can be mounted on trailers for emergency or disaster relief.

Air to Water Technologies has the capabilities through its strategic partners to custom design, engineer and build atmospheric water generation water plants per your specifications to produce millions of gallons/liters or more per day.


Atmospheric water generators with Dew-Point Intelligence are programmed to read dew point at any temperature and automatically adjust refrigeration levels and airflow to maintain optimal operation to produce water.

High humidity at any outside ambient temperature causes the dew point to be close to that outside ambient temperature allowing the choice of less refrigeration (and less power) to be used.