Did The Ancient People Of Peru Have Machines ,How Did They Make This?



Whether or not these ancient civilizations had access to advanced technology thousands of years ago is an ongoing debate among numerous researchers.


Ollantaytambo is a large temple complex, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Cuzco in the Southern Sierra region of Peru.


The megalithic stones found there are among the largest on the planet, some of them weighing up to one hundred tons.


How ancient mankind was able to erect such incredible sites remains a profound mystery for researchers who are unable to explain the building techniques used in the construction process.


How ancient people managed to quarry, transport and place into position these megalithic blocks of stone is a question no one has been able to answer,

However, many researchers suggest we could be looking at the product of ‘lost’ advanced technologies used by ancient civilizations thousands of years ago.

VIABrien Foerster