Dirty Bird Concepts First Girl To Ride A 30 Bagger



Sinister is one of the top custom bagger suppliers for parts such as there nearly indestructible saddlebags, slick prick street glide fairing, rear accented fender, thick sick wrapped metal fender in 21 inch 23 inch and 26 inch, also a fiberglass bigger old school 26 inch Smoothy another fiberglass 26″ Twenty Sick Ribbed Front Fender, 30″ Scalloped front fender, the Dirty 30 front fender  and a all metal 30″ wrapped

Dirty Bird Concepts

The seat sits quite low, yet the bicycle can be `pumped up` which modify the seat tallness as expected to make it feel like a custom ride for every rider. There is a breaking point however, so on the off chance that you are to a great degree short, or could be named a goliath, it won’t not be sufficiently customizable for you.