Dive Into This Museum Of Underwater Sculptures Built From Concrete



Cancun, Mexico, and the Yucatan Peninsula are a vacationer’s paradise. But the picturesque Caribbean waters that surround these destinations are under considerable environmental stress.


Enter the Museo Subacuatico de Arte, a museum of underwater sculptures built from concrete that is hospitable to coral and algae growth.


Over time, these works of art will slowly transform into a thriving reef ecosystem.This unique excursion offers a view of the ocean like you’ve never seen before!


The total installations occupy an area of over 420sq meters of barren substrate and weighing in at over 200 tons.

A perfect activity for all ages, you’ll be able to view the depths of the ocean without getting wet at all.


The Museum aims to demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science and form part of a complex reef structure for marine life to colonize and inhabit whilst increasing biomass on a grand scale.

All of the sculptures are fixed to the seabed and made from specialized materials used to promote coral life.

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