Dramatic Footage Shows Fisherman Fighting Off Shark With A Spear And Knife



A member of The Adventure Club, a New Zealand based duo that enjoys hunting and spearfishing, was floating in the water when two sharks began chasing a yellowfin tuna.The sharks chased the tuna directly into the path of the diver’s pole spear and the battle began.

image credit: The Adventure Club

The diver struck the fish with the pole and it began fluttering in the water. However, one of the sharks was still on a direct course with the fisherman who had to push it away.The diver was wearing a GoPro camera and this intense and very dramatic situation was all caught on camera.

After several close encounters with the sharks, the diver pulled out a knife to kill the fish. Before he had a chance, one of the sharks approached the diver and got a poke to the head.Immediately after killing the fish, the other shark came close to the diver and took a deep stab from the blade.


While the diver did not appear injured, the situation could have been a lot worse. Had the sharks been more aggressive, the diver could have been seriously injured or dangerously entangled in the fishing line.