Elephant Steps Onto Road And Blocks Traffic-But Shortly You Will Understand Why!



Elephants are beautiful and majestic animals, and extremely intelligent. Furthermore, they are known for being dedicated to family members and for showing strong bonds of solidarity to the other members of their herd as this video clearly illustrates with this touching episode.

This short video clip was made in the Gorumara National Park, in India, and shows an elephant standing in the middle of the road, blocking traffic and preventing the vehicles from moving.

Elephant Chasing Cycle Rider

But while she seems lost or confused – it turns out this is far from the case. The mother elephant, we soon discover, is fully aware of what she’s doing. When the cars are at a safe distance, she seems to signal to her right, in the bushes and trees, as if sending a message that it’s a green light. The surprise that emerges from the forest just took my breath away – and brought an instant smile to my face.

SOURCEJasoprakas Debdas