Elephant Waking Up From Being Tranquilized & Attacks The Camera, In The Forests of Gabon



An elephant wakes up from having been fitted with a tracking collar that will help protect him and his kind from poachers, and shows that he’s more awake than you might imagine.

source/image: SAVE THE ELEPHANTS

Filmed in Luango National Park in Gabon by Jaime Dias, during an exercise with the National Parks Agency of Gabon.Still suffering the after-effects of anaesthetic, he takes a few moments to steady the wobbles and get his bearings.

It doesn’t take long, though, to notice something is afoot – perhaps it’s the lingering scent of humans and the glimpse of a camera casing, combined with that unpleasant post-anaesthetic fuzz.


And that’s when he explodes into action, a rapid, bone-breaking charge to express precisely what he thinks of the privacy intrusion. Luckily, field cameras are made of strong stuff!