‘ELVIS NOT DEAD’ Possible Elvis Sighting At Graceland….!



AT FIRST or even second glance he may not be a dead ringer for Elvis, but growing numbers of people are posting videos of him online, amid claims the long-held myth The King never actually died is true after all.

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Not convinced? Neither were many on YouTube but there are growing numbers convinced this is The King

As “celebrities who are not really dead” conspiracy theories goes it is one of the longest running and certainly the most famous.

But, ever since Elvis Presley’s death was announced on August 16, 1977, when he was 42, there have been countless theories that he faked his own demise and instead disappeared.

The official cause was not given, but it is believed to have been an overdose of prescription drugs that caused heart failure.

And over the years there have been scores of alleged sightings and pictures that have surfaced – many of which looked like pictures of some of the many Elvis impersonators across the globe.


This year attention has turned to a pony-tailed, grey-haired groundsman working at Graceland, Elvis’ former residence in Memphis, Tennessee.

Video clips of the man recorded as recently as June 1 this year at the 13.8-acre estate, which now houses a museum, have been posted on YouTube, with responses divided as to whether it could really be The King aged 81.


In a description of one such video, where the suspected Elvis holds two fingers towards the camera, YouTube channel The Shadow said:

“Pay close attention as he walks up to the camera.

“Look this was a fluke…I don’t think he expected us to be watching. Or maybe he just took a chance because he doesn’t usually come so close to the camera.

The channel added: “We tried to look at his right hand to see the pinkie finger but he kept three fingers folded back as if to hide the finger.

But YouTube viewer Clarissa Mutlag claimed to spot a match on the man.

She posted: “Look the pinky Finger of his right hand… Welcome back!”