European High-Speed Train Keeping Pace With a Fighter Jet



While the TGV was running at 320 km / h in the Breton countryside for the inauguration of the LGV Brittany – Pays de la Loire, it was joined by a Rafale C and an Alpha Jet of the Air Force.Sure, the jet could have kicked things up a notch and outstripped the train, but this is still pretty impressive.

image credit: Puissance Française

At the inauguration of the Brittany LGV – Pays de la Loire. An Air Force Rafale offered a race with the TGV and an AlphaJet also entered the dance. Guess who won?

The TGV passengers who inaugurated the high-speed line on Saturday 1 July 2017 did not expect that. While the TGV was running at 320 km / h in the Breton countryside, it was joined by a single-seater Rafale of the Air Force.



The Rafale seemed to be square in the sky. And an Alphajet, the same type of aircraft used by the French patrol, was also invited with high-speed passages.

That is to say that the stall speed of a Rafale, that is to say the speed at which the air flow under its wings no longer allows the lift, is 175 km / h. The fighter pilot thus had some margin even if he had to deploy his flaps to fly as slowly, that is to say at 320 km / h. The flagship of French hunting can exceed 2 m, that is to say more than 2 000 km / h.