Experience The Wonderful & Exotic ‘Flamingo Helicopter’ By Joana Vasconcelos



Joana Vasconcelos is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about artists in the art world currently and it’s not hard to see why. Born in Paris but of Portuguese heritage she works in her studio in Lisbon dreaming up the exotic, surreal and magical.



She’s held in such high regard that she was the youngest artist to ever have an exhibition in the famous Palace of Versaillesand indeed the first women.  Masterfully bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship with contemporary ideals, she’s now in the company of the likes of  internationally acclaimed artists Jeff Koons, Xavier Veilhan & Takashi Murakami.

Not that she’s letting it get to her head, one of her works is the breath-taking Flamingo Helicopter (un hélicoptère à plumes) which is just as playful and delightfully ridiculous as it sounds.


In her interview with Paris Match, Joana describes the inspiration behind her Flamingo Helicopter:

If Versailles today was inhabited by a king and his family, surely they would use a helicopter to get around. It would be their new coach. Again, I tried to live the past and present. A focus different temporalities.” she explains

In addition, this machine looks like a flying animal, which is why I turned into a bird. Marie-Antoinette used ostriches for her feathers. I took this information and dyed them pink to transform my helicopter flamingo. An ostrich is a flamingo that is the magic of Versailles!_” she adds






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