Family Of Super Talented Rescue Dogs Steal The Show On America’s Got Talent



There is a lot of unusual acts on America’s Got Talent and this is one you just have to see. The Pompeyo family from Sarasota, Florida came on AGT’s stage to show off their dogs incredible talent and they didn’t disappoint.The Pompeyo Family is a circus dog act which is led by Colombia-born circus performer Jorge Niño (Pompeyo).

With him on stage is his wife Natalya, their two daughters Katerina and Isabella, and of course their dogs.Jorge and his Russian-born wife Natalya met in the US in 2002 when they were both performing with the George Carden Circus.

He was on the high wire while she was an aerialist/acrobat. After having their children and adopting a number of rescue dogs, Jorge and Natalya taught the dogs acrobatic tricks including jumping through hoops and jumping rope, among others.


The family has 18 dogs, all shelter animals, and dream to have their own Las Vegas show. As part of the act, the poodles did handstands, jumped rope and even even walked on their hands.

Another literally drove a toy car while the other dog pushed — a true sight to be seen and you cannot help but smile. The judges were loving it and we will be seeing the Pompeyo family again because they received four yes’s.