Fast & Furious Dior Model Ultimate Revenge On Customers Who Insult Her..!!



We take taxis everywhere because they are convenient, and we want to get there quicker than the alternatives.Usually it’s a peaceful process, but do we ever stop to think about how the driver sitting behind the wheel feels? They have to put up with many different people, in many different moods that aren’t always so nice.

Fast & Furious Model Revenge

In this video, the driver is really a professional race car driver, but as part of the prank drives super slowly to get a reaction out of them. How some of them reacted / said was just downright rude! Insults were hurled not being able to drive, and even some sexist comments were made. But not to worry, this woman’s a professional and can handle it. SO what does she do when they ask her to go faster? She goes faster… MUCH FASTER.

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