Fibonacci Spiral Shaving – With Paul Sellers Is Remarkably Calming To Watch



Master woodworker Paul Sellers posted this brief, but hypnotic clip of him carefully using his razor-sharp chisel to create perfect spirals of wood. We wonder how far he could go if he had a really long piece of wood.

Fibonacci spirals occur throughout nature, but I thought you would like to share my experience when I sharpen an edge, work my wood and share it with a gifted filmmaker.

The perfection of hand tool woodworking techniques has been Paul’s life’s work, and he is still working on this all the time. Having made his living as a furniture maker for many years, Paul has latterly made teaching his primary focus.


Presenting on video comes with its challenges, and Paul has had to learn how to make complicated pieces to camera in such a way that the processes are easily visible to the viewer.